The Meaning of Rose Number

Rose are the common flower that all people know about it. Rose is also the classical flower people make as a gift in some events. Did you ever know that the number of roses has its meaning? First time? Let me explain it from the starting.

Single Rose

You are the one or Love at the first sight

Single Rose
red rose with leaves on white background

All humans have one feeling playing in their hearts, which is LOVE. All humans are ever felt in love with someone. When we sight someone, and our heart feels pounding, that is called love of first sight. The hormone that it produces will make our heart pound because it wants to transfer the signal to the brain that you are love someone. This single rosette is very suitable for showing what you feel without verbally saying it.

Two Roses

Deeply in love with you

Two roses
two red rose with leaves on white background

When you love someone, you will identify with yourself whether your heart loves them or not. I want to give tips which do not readily accept someone in our life. When you are in love, I prefer that you have a friend with them in one year. In that year, try to make something that makes them hard to do. Send these two rosettes to show you deeply love them if they survived.

Three Roses


Three Roses
three red rose with leaves on white background

I love you. It is just three sentences of simple words but has profound meaning. People who say I love you to their partner are ready to tight themselves into a marriage. But carefully nowadays, people with fake “I love you” have become essential to recognize their true selves and not easily fall in love with them.

Five Roses

Admire you or I love you very much

Five Roses
Bunch of velvet dark red roses isolated on white

Admiring someone that you love is very important in your life. It is because God creates us with partners. We must appreciate them because it is just God lent to us. Five roses are implemented from the three rosettes. So to make a step three rosette to be given as shown you love them and five roses must be given in the next event to demonstrate that you are severe and love them very much. When you do that, they will feel that you immensely admire them.

Six Roses

I wanna be yours

Six Roses
Bunch of red roses in a glass jar with white backdrop

When you friend someone, you will become more comfortable with them. We must finish the relationship with a status such as marriage or engagement to avoid losing our love. So give them six roses with a wish card. I want to be yours forever. The recipient must take the flower and put it in a glass jar like the diagram below to indicate that they accepted it.

Fifteen Roses

I am truly sorry or forgive me

Fifteen Roses
Bunch of red flower bouquet with white backdrop

I escape from six to fifteen because I do not want this blog to become longer and longer. But if you have any requests, you can comment below this section. MAMIKA Gift Florist & Balloon are selling bouquets and gift boxes to people. Most of them give their partner a gift because they make a mistake and want to say sorry. Here is the solution. Just give them roses with fifteen in number to show that you are very upset with yourselves and genuinely sorry for what happened. If you buy with us, do not worry because we can provide you with a free wish card that can say anything in your heart.

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