Soap Flower VS Fresh Flower VS Preserved Flower

When people buy from our shop, the typical question that they ask is, “the flower a fresh flower?”, “We must take care of the flower, such a fresh flower?” and more questions that related to this question. So, this blogging aims to answer all of those questions to ensure buyers are not confused with our products.

What is a soap flower?

Soap flowers have a light soap aroma and are manufactured entirely of soap-related components. Since they are artificial, they will always be available. Soap flowers are perfect for complicated arrangements since they come in various colors, sizes, and forms that are impossible to achieve with real flowers. They also don’t break or rip easily. They are equally lovely as bouquets, bridal presents, and home décor, yet not as expensive as preserved flowers.

soap flower and artificial flower
Preserved Rose VS Soap Rose

Soap Flower VS Preserved Flower

These two types of flowers are different. A manufacturer is a place to create soap flowers artificially. Another side, a laboratory is a place to chemically preserved fresh flowers kept to ensure they can be long-lasting. Based on these two types, the visualized are identical, but the preserved flower is more fragile than the soap flower. Another thing soap flowers contain is a smell scent like soap, but preserved flowers might have a strong chemical odor. Preserved and soap flowers can both keep for a long time, but soap flowers cannot expose to water, but preservation can expose water. Even tho it can reveal to the water. Some decolorization might occur.

soap flower
Rose Soap VS Fresh Rose

Soap Flower VS Fresh Flower

On this topic, I will explain further which soap flower is non actually a live flower. Still, a fresh flower is a flower that harvests from a garden. People who love flowers might know the differences between these two types of flowers. Fresh flowers can resist water, but soap flowers cannot. If people ask me which is better, I will suggest one based on their needs. If they love to see the process of flowers live, the fresh one is better, but if they want to keep a long-lasting one forever, the soap flower is the best. Some characteristics that soap flower does not have are thorns, leaves, and stem. For the scent, these two flowers have a good smell rather than preserved flowers.


In conclusion, I will make a ranking for these three types of flowers based on criteria.

Water Resistant:
1) Fresh
2) Preserved
3) Soap

Long Lasting:
1) Soap
2) Preserved
3) Fresh

1) Soap & Fresh
2) Preserved

Color selection:
1) Soap
2) Preserved
3) Fresh

1) Preserved
2) Fresh
3) Soap

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