Surprise Box Tania


List of items:

-mini artificial flower
-Bracelet/necklace/Ring with case
-2pcs scrunchies

-paper shredder

-FREE Wishcard

Surprise Box MAMIKA

Many gifts are packaged together in surprise boxes. Since the receiver does not know what is inside the box, it will be a surprise box from the buyer’s perspective. You can customize the box to fit your tastes.

Why should you buy it?
Some people get modest gifts of love. So, it can deliver to ensure that to your special someone. Surprise boxes create as minimally as possible. In addition, surprise boxes are less expensive than bouquets or buckets since they require fewer services during production.

What about the resources?
Based on what you ordered for the material. The box is exceptionally sturdy and not easily damaged by normal pressure. According to our delivery experience, there are no problems with the damaged box. Other than that, they aren’t genuinely pure silver or pure gold for the jewelry. The alloy-based components used to make the jewelry are durable but only partially water resistant.

How long can the box be delivered?
Given that the surprise package is simple to make, you will receive it today if you order by today. Postage, Lalamove delivery, and self-pickup are some of the delivery methods we employ.

Where can I get it?
MAMIKA offers a variety of surprise box options at various pricing points. Between RM3x and RM1xx. You may purchase by getting in touch with us or through our website. SSM, which we trust and will be accountable for our goods, has authorized this website. If you wish to buy something, you can select from three delivery options: postage, delivery, and self-pickup. We mainly use J&T courier for shipping, Lalamove for delivery, and self-pickup, which allows you to pick up your order in front of our building. All items are in stock and ready to go. However, contact us via chat if you need any customization or modifications.


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