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Baby breath is a timeless flower, perfect for any occasion. A vibrant and colourful bouquet of baby’s breath creates a beautiful silhouette with an everlasting bloom. All our bouquets are real flowers. Preserved flowering babies’ breaths are carefully dried and treated to make them last forever. This lovely bouquet of baby’s breath is a perfect gift to send to someone you love and care about themselves. Preserved flowers use in this unique bouquet. It would last at least two years if kept properly. All bouquets are different sizes, and the price will vary accordingly. This dazzling bouquet features beautifully preserved baby breath, which provides an excellent showcase for any space! Each piece comes in a blush-coloured container and makes the perfect gift for anyone. Our Bouquet has preserved flowers, 100% natural.

The moniker Baby’s Breath is the site when discussing the most widely used filler flower. It was tucked into flower arrangements for various occasions as early as the 1820s. Baby’s Breath flowers no longer operate as filler flowers; instead, they can now serve as the focal point of a floral arrangement. This piece will examine the background and significance of the baby’s breath flowers. We want to arm you with knowledge so you may like and value this flower even more.

History of baby breath:

In 1828, during the Victorian era, when Victorian gardeners liked pure white flower arrangements and gardens, Baby’s Breath made its way to the United States of America. They were well-liked in Africa, Eurasia, and Australia before being brought to America. After falling in love, Victorian gardeners gave them the moniker “Baby’s Breath flowers.” The title suggests that the plant loves gypsum and flourishes in regions. Baby’s Breath is another name for the Gypsophila family, which gets its name from the type of soil it prefers. They thrive in gypsum-rich soil, which is heavy and thick since it is a calcium mineral.

Weight 4.9 kg

White, Pink, Purple, Red, Blue, Mix

5 reviews for Baby Breath Bouquet

  1. Avatar

    Aidil Hafiz

    nice bouquet

    • mamika_co

      mamika_co (store manager)

      Terima kasih kerana membeli dengan kami. Jangan lupa next order ada 5% off hihi

  2. Avatar


    good cust service, pretty flowers

    Cantik Servis

      MAMIKA GIFT FLORIST & BALLOON (store manager)

      Alhamdulillah Jihardi. Awak dah la antara customer kami yang terbaik bank in seminggu awal pastu tak tanya apa yang berlaku. Kami pula yang cuak.

  3. Avatar

    Ahmad Akram (verified owner)

    Tempat terbaik untuk beli bunga urgent sekiranya anda lelaki seperti saya yang sentiasa terlupa membeli bunga pada hari hari penting


      MAMIKA GIFT FLORIST & BALLOON (store manager)

      Hahah takpe urgent yang penting anda menjadi sweet setiap masa. Terima kasih Akram kerana membeli dengan kami. Kami akan menyediakan semua servis terbaik untuk semua. Aamiin

  4. Avatar


    Nice flower nice customer service.
    Worth to PURCHASE.


      MAMIKA GIFT FLORIST & BALLOON (store manager)

      Thank you so much Tan Yi Ting✨ really appreciate have a good day Tan Yi Ting

  5. Avatar


    friendly and easy to deal with. everything went smoothly and the bouquet arrived safely. its so pretty!


      MAMIKA GIFT FLORIST & BALLOON (store manager)

      Thank you so much Farhana for your honest feedback anything for you my dear

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