Baby Breath bouquet for convocation

To celebrate your graduation from medical school, this airy bouquet of preserved baby breath is a fitting tribute to the years of study you’ve endured.

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Baby breath is a timeless flower, perfect for any occasion. A vibrant and colourful bouquet of baby’s breath creates a beautiful silhouette, with an everlasting bloom. All our bouquets are real flowers. They are preserved flowering baby’s breath that has been carefully dried and treated to make them last forever. This lovely bouquet of baby’s breath is a perfect gift to send to someone you love and care about you. Preserved flowers are used in this unique bouquet. It would last at least two years if kept properly. All bouquets are different sizes, and the price will vary accordingly. This dazzling bouquet features beautifully preserved baby breath, which provides an excellent showcase for any space! Each piece comes in a blush-coloured container and makes the perfect gift for anyone. Our Baby Breath Bouquet has preserved baby breath flowers, 100% natural. The natural beauty of the breath is immortalized in our modern adaptation that shows off the wild, whimsical beauty of the tiny blossoms. The whole bunch is dried to last for years.

We’ve included several different types here, with plain white and colourful varieties—available year-round. A gift for all occasions, this sophisticated bouquet of baby’s breath is the perfect gift to show your love. Hand-tied and professionally arranged, with each petal preserved to retain freshness. Keepsake lasts several months with proper care. Our flower bouquets are made from dried baby breath flowers that last for three years. Real blossoms are dyed to provide a range of vibrant hues, including pink, white, and purple. As they say in the Philippines, “Life’s little blessings come in small packages” Here comes the gorgeous and romantic baby’s breath. It signifies everlasting love and honesty. The light pinkish-white bouquet consists of approximately four baby’s breath stems. Our Baby Breath Bouquet was designed for all of our loved ones, including natural colour and buds on the bouquets, with a leather strap for hanging.

Color meaning

  • Red (True love and passion)
  • Pink (Love with happiness, gentleness and femininity)
  • White (Purity and innocence)
  • Blue (Tranquility and peace)
  • Purple (Success and royalty)


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