(Rose Bouquet) 5 Pieces Rose Soap Baby Breath Bouquet

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5 Stalk Rose Soap Baby Breath Bouquet

  1. 5 Rose Soap
  2. 13 gram Baby Breath

You can custom the bouquet which the colour selection of rose, wrapping or adding some balloons.

Colour availability:

  1. Light Pink
  2. Old Pink
  3. Purple
  4. Blue
  5. Red
  6. White
  7. Tiffany Blue
Roses History

In the commercial production of cut flowers and perfumes, rose use. The most popular use for roses is as aesthetic plants cultivated for their blossoms in gardens and occasionally inside. Ornamental plants, hedges, and other practical reasons using roses, including game cover and slope stability. Most decorative roses are hybrids developed primarily for their blossoms. Rose is fruits, decorative thorns, or beautiful or fragrant foliage, such as Rosa glauca and Rosa rubiginosa. Ornamental roses have been grown for millennia. The first known cultivation occurred in the Mediterranean region, Persia, and China as early as the 500 Before Century.

Why Choose Rose Soap Rather Than Fresh Rose?

From there, we decided to create some bouquets using rose bouquet soap. Rose soap flowers resemble fresh flowers and offer numerous advantages over maintaining real flowers. The rose soap is creat using good-smelling soap filaments. Even while the perfume of rose soap is not the same as that of a fresh rose, it lasts longer. Time to preserve the fresh rose is worst rather than rose soap flower. Apart from that, a rose soap bouquet costs less than new rose soap.

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1 review for (Rose Bouquet) 5 Pieces Rose Soap Baby Breath Bouquet

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    Thankyou , cantik sangat !

    Image #1 from Ahmadiqbal

      MAMIKA GIFT FLORIST & BALLOON (store manager)

      thank you iqbal customer from paradise Semoga murah rezeki dan dipermudahkan segala urusan

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