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We Do Our Best As Long As Buyers Are Happy And Grinning Forever

We ensure the quality of the products is in line with the price of our goods. We also took the incentive to make one store different from the others. Many of our customers are satisfied with our service, especially with the service we provide. The right to buy is your right. We will give the best for the buyer.

Our Company

The idea of a gift shop came from Nur Shafiqah (Pika) because she wanted to do business. Muhammad Syazmi (Mat Kuda) helps Pika achieve his dream. Mat Kuda is a price analysis, marketing, and financial goals, while Pika operates, marketing, and customer services. We started the business from scratch with a capital of only RM100.

Business startups, as usual, there are ups and downs. At first, we were gambling in business and lost some capital. Over time, Alhamdulillah, we get a little profit from that increasingly. Mat Kuda and Pika met in 2018. In March, our company began in 2020 at the beginning of the movement control order due to Covid-19. Alhamdulillah, in October 2020, we were married. That is a little of our story.

Our Certification

Our Team

Our team is a husband and wife business partner that operates as a home-based. You can follow our social media to know more about us. So don’t worry, and we are trusted, people.

Nur Shafiqah


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