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Bouquet and Balloon Collection

This gift is suitable for birthday, confession and also convocation.

Surprise Gift Box Collection

You can customize with your preferences and budget. You can put some items such as a handbag, perfume, chocolate, jewelry, and wallet as an example.

Hot Air Balloon Bucket Collection

Various types are available, and you also can customize with your preferences. For example, you can add flowers, chocolate, and a balloon-based on your taste.


Perfume is vital for make sure it can shown your level of hygiene. We are provide perfume that suitable for all person. The best is our perfume are best scents and long lasting.

Feature Products

All products are our creativity and craft.

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“Kawan kata bunga baby breath dia minat sebab lawa. 😻😻😻😻😻😻 Thank you MAMIKA. InshaAllah, nanti kita repeat lagi untuk next convo”



“Wahh lawanyaa. Dah la saya tak prepare apa apa saya ingatkan kecik je rupanya besar😻😻😻

Haziq Kimi
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